Pocket ZAPPR™

Bloom forming cyanobacteria (the BFC’s) are highly specialized, blessed with characteristics that allow them to dominate the phytoplankton population. Use the patent pending Pocket ZAPPR™ and method to collect concentrated samples of bloom forming cyanobacteria for image and pigment analysis. The Pocket ZAPPR™ is included in the cyanoScope Kit (image analysis) and cyanoCasting Kit (pigment analysis).

“Cyano” Program

cyanoScope Kit

Uses images to identify to the genus level the bloom forming cyanobacteria in the waterbody.

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cyanoMonitoring Kit

Uses pigment analysis of phycocyanin and chlorophyll (a) to quantify the phytoplankton population with fluorometry.

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cyanoCasting Kit

The cyanoCasting Kit uses pigment analysis to evaluate the presence and composition of the cyanobacterial population to describe the potential for their dominance and toxicity.
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Pocket ZAPPR™ Instructional Videos