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Our Mission

At Lim-Tex, we collaborate with our partners to provide a simple yet effective framework to understand the ecology of a water resource, with an emphasis on its plankton populations. By developing methods and equipment that allow us to “Teach Them How To Fish”, we encourage our partners to ask questions and inspire them to continue and expand their investigations. Most importantly, we always follow our Rules of thumb: Make things that are low-cost and easy to use, while providing reliable data, using methods that can be applied in a variety of aquatic habitats

Key Benefits

Easy To Use

Easy To Use Products, Devices, and Methods

Low Cost

Affordable Solutions For Water Quality Management


Methods Viable For A Range Of Applications


Methods Tested and Repeated In Projects


Research Backed Solutions For Peace Of Mind

About Lim-Tex

Nancy With Cast Net At Pond
Photo courtesy of Eleah Caseau

Nancy Leland, M.S. Zoology

“By serving at the municipal level via planning/zoning boards and conservation commission, I developed an appreciation of needs by local decision makers for high quality information and access to current research. Additional years of policy development and implementation at the local, state and federal levels supported my belief that effective management of our water resources relies upon an informed and empowered citizenry. I pursued and completed my Masters in Zoology at University of New Hampshire Center for Freshwater Biology (1996-2002) focusing on seasonal cyanobacterial population dynamics. Following a hiatus, I started Lim-Tex in 2013 and have been collaborating with UNH CFB-EcoTox since that time.” – Nancy Leland, MS Zoology